All Part of the Service

In July 1970, Paul McKay and his wife Isabelle opened the doors to their business, Diesel Parts & Services (DPS). Since then, the family-run business has provided engines, generators and spare parts to key industries that need reliable, efficient and durable equipment.

Today, DPS is operated by Paul and Isabelle’s two sons, Shane and Glenn.

Paul Brown, DPS Sales Manager, is also a long-time member of the DPS team who joined the business 20 years ago. He says continuing to provide customers with reliable and high-quality products and responding to customer needs has helped DPS survive.

“In the 20 years I’ve been with the business, engine technology has continued to change and the latest emissions regulations are changing things yet again,” says Paul.

“DPS has always kept up to date with technology and with our customer expectations. As a one-stop shop for engines and engine parts and accessories, we offer a great deal of diversity and that has always been one of our strengths.”

DPS has a range of petrol and diesel engines and specialises in leading brands, including DEUTZ.

“We have a sales department, a service department and a manufacturing department and we use a lot of DEUTZ products in the manufacturing side of our business,” explains Paul.

The HB1240 Mixed Flow pump powered by DEUTZ F3L2011 engine
HB1240 Mixed Flow pump powered by DEUTZ F3L2011 engine
DPS’s HB1240 Mixed Flow pump powered by DEUTZ F3L2011 engine
DPS’s 80X50-315 pump direct coupled to DEUTZ F3L2011 with shutdown panel.

The agricultural industry is an important customer for DPS and creates a strong demand for pumpsets for irrigation and moving water around properties. DPS pump sets range from 3 to 26 inches, with the larger size able to pump up to 1,800 litres of water every second.

Pump sets are also used for irrigation in construction and DPS often uses DEUTZ engines to manufacture these pump sets. DPS also stocks a range of DEUTZ generators.

DPS has been aligned with DEUTZ products for around 37 years.

“DEUTZ has very good products and has a full back-up of parts. People want good quality and when we sell DEUTZ, we know we won’t get a comeback from customers. If help is needed, the people at DEUTZ are only a phone call away and are ready to help. The business supports its products and we need that reliability for people out in the field.”

DPS also takes advantage of training courses provided by DEUTZ that update DPS mechanics on the latest engine technology. Most recently, Paul and his colleagues learned more about the new TCDs and power pack formats.

Having lasted for more than 50 years, DPS is in a strong position to survive another 50 years as it continues to keep on top of technology and new product lines.

“We sell products that do the job people need those products to do and we sell products that last. At the same time we stay agile and versatile and that keeps us in business,” says Paul.