This business knows how to put the pressure on

Above image: The Pumps Australia team custom built three water jetters for an Indonesian client using DEUTZ engines. John Warne is second from the left.

John Warne is pumped about his latest project with DEUTZ.

John started Perth-based Pumps Australia in 1998 after establishing himself as an expert in the field while travelling the world with the Merchant Navy.

Among other things, he worked on gas compressors and steam turbines in Iran, Israel, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Pumps Australia is an industry leader in pumps, pumping equipment, pressure cleaning, custom design and builds powered by petrol, electric and hydraulic motors and Diesel engines.

“Our Mission is Better by design, and we have patents on some of our pressure cleaners,” says John, who is Managing Director.

“We have designed our own range of products, buying individual components, engine pumps and accessories from around the world – Italy, Germany, USA fully designed and fabricated in Australia.”

In a recent partnership with DEUTZ, John customised three water jetters from his EuroTec high pressure pumps range for an Indonesian company. The completed pumps were shipped in May for gas fracking in the down-the-hole industry.

Heavy duty industrial EuroTec high-pressure jetting units use the highest quality materials, including DEUTZ engines. The Indonesian contract came via Pumps Australia’s Asian operation in Hong Kong.

It used three BF4L2011 DEUTZ 60Kw oil cooled engines operating at 230lpm at 1500 Psi.

John says DEUTZ engines are “robust and reliable”, especially the oil cooled units.

“They are the best of the best for reliability and durability, and will take operators’ abuse and neglect,” he says. “They are easy to maintain and great for my technicians. Also, the power to weight ratio is very good.”

John’s relationship with DEUTZ goes back “a very long way” and he has known BD Manager – Engines Ross Harman for 20 years.

“They are a good team to work with responsive and technically sound,” John says. “This project was won over the Christmas holidays and we could still gain access to Ross to complete the order.”

At 70, John is still passionate about his business – and life. He plays casual tennis and enjoys a good shiraz. “South Australian red wines are the best,” he says.

Most of all, John loves developing products from scratch.

“I enjoy the challenges and rewards of developing products from raw ideas,” he says. “We have developed many pumps with our own adaptors and patterns for castings and have carved a market niche in the Australian marketplace.”