Is Kelvin Australia’s biggest DEUTZ fan?

We’re pretty sure farmer Kelvin Stringer takes the title with 21 DEUTZ tractors, 20 engines, six trucks, and three DEUTZ headers or harvesters he can use on his farm.

Classic engine continues to perform

Classic design and performance never go out of style. This is certainly the case with our reliable and efficient TCD 2013 engines.

Among our most popular engines, the DEUTZ TCD 2013 range includes liquid-cooled four or six-cylinder inline engines with turbocharging and charge air cooling.

DEUTZ creates and preserves history

DEUTZ’s skill in developing the world’s best engines has a long and proud history.

Our founders created the first functional combustion engine produced in large quantities back in the 1860s. And it still works!

Fond memories of DEUTZ Australia

Roger Wenzel pioneered working remotely decades before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roger, 72, worked for DEUTZ Australia out of Brisbane from 1983 until he retired in 2015, rising from area manager to National Sales Manager. Read more here.

Josie brings her sales support experience to DEUTZ

Josie Beven has extensive experience in office management and business administration and has joined the team at DEUTZ Australia’s head office. When she isn’t supporting her colleagues and customers, Josie may be found all at sea…

Full steam ahead for historic railway

DEUTZ is helping to keep Tasmania’s historic West Coast Wilderness Railway on track with two generators at either end of the scenic route. Railway officials purchased two DEUTZ DPS33DB Gensets to ensure that its stations in Queenstown and Strahan are never without power.