Driving engine improvement

A great engine is even better after improvements to DEUTZ Australia’s BF4L914 4-cylinder engine.

The BF4L914 is part of the DEUTZ Drive series, which is designed locally and specifically for the Australian and New Zealand market and conditions.

They provide compact, reliable and fuel-efficient motive power with standardized components for a wide range of applications.

The refinements include a revised muffler design to suit all BF4L914 engine power ratings, and a revised exhaust bellows design that makes the assembly easier to install and service.

Originally launched in Australia in 2004, the new version improves exhaust gas emissions and reduces noise.

Melbourne-based DEUTZ Australia Dealer Development Manager, Shane Moretto, says the changes are based on dealer feedback and experience.

Shane deals with many customers in his job managing DEUTZ’s dealer network in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG and Guam.

“The revisions improve noise levels and the low back pressure exhaust system,” he says. “The engines can also be used across a greater range on engine power ratings.

“We wanted to give customers options and complete the DEUTZ Drive as a power pack solution saving time and cost for dealers and OEMs. Globally the engine has been popular in a range of products.”

The BF4L914 is perfect for mining, industrial, construction, power generation and irrigation use. Customers were quick to embrace the modifications, with DPS already purchasing several engines.

The DEUTZ Drive BF4L914 4-cylinder engine is a compact high-power air-cooled design, rated 78kw intermittently. It is fuel efficient, reliable and dependable in a package that simplifies installation for the OEM. This also reduces installation costs.

Specifically designed for local conditions, the BF4L914’s other advantages include a mounted air cleaner and stainless-steel intake pipe, mounted low back pressure exhaust system and AS4024 guarding.