Everything you need to know about Gensets

Looking for a comprehensive guide to all things Genset? Then you’ve come to the right place.

DEUTZ Australia’s detailed Gensets website guide covers what they are, how they work, how to use them and how to get the most out of the versatile power generators.

Below are some of the basics contained in the guide, which is useful for novices or those who want to refresh their knowledge. Be sure to visit our website for the full guide.

What is a generator set?
A generator set (Genset) is the combination of an internal combustion engine and an electrical generator (alternator) mounted together to form a single piece of equipment.

It is an electromechanical machine used to produce an AC electrical current from the thermal energy of combustion by means of a double-cascade converter: from thermal energy (introduced by diesel fuel) to mechanical energy by means of reciprocating motion (engine rotation) and from mechanical energy to electric energy (rotation of the alternator).

Genset performance classes
Genset performance classes are defined in ISO8528. In addition to the basic machine and manufacturer data, to comply with the above standard each Genset must have a rating plate which lists both the electrical and mechanical quantities, as well as the ambient reference parameters.

Power ratings
The type of use for which a generator set is applicable is determined by the reference power ratings. The rating must be defined on the nameplate affixed to the Genset. The power ratings are themselves governed by ISO8528-1.

COP: Continuous Operation Power
This is the maximum power a Genset can supply during continuous service, with a constant load for an unlimited number of operating hours, in the ambient conditions determined by the manufacturer and observing the maintenance intervals established by the manufacturer.

Download the full guide here.