Hybrid Power Solutions

Innovation and DEUTZ go hand in hand. Our ingenious hybrid power solutions are the perfect example of this, combining efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

Fitted with solar panels, our hybrid Gensets offer peace of mind, can cut running costs considerably, and are environmentally friendly when using the solar power.

The DPS-Hybrid solution offers a combination of existing Genset features and solar panels.It usesan advanced system that can be battery or solar powered.

This clever system includes a solar collector which is ideal for Australia’s sunny regions and can generate most of the power it needs.

The diesel engine only starts if it is needed. This provides added support when power consumption is high, or the weather is bad.

Any excess electricity generated is stored in the battery. If needed, it can be used to boost the engine or become the sole supply source. This can convert to fuel savings of up to 65 per cent.

If the diesel engine fails, the battery can continue operations for up to 24 hours.

This provides an ideal solution for business that are off the grid, need to power machines or buildings away from the main power source, or require a reliable back-up generator.

Hybrid Gensets are perfect for farms in rural and remote parts of Australia and New Zealand that need to spread their power load across a large area, or cannot risk being offline.

Businesses owners and major event organisers who want to reduce their emissions and ensure 24/7 operation will also love this efficient and cost-effective ‘win-win’ solution.

The result is exceptionally efficient operation, low maintenance, reduced fuel consumption, and a long service life. Perhaps most importantly, our hybrid Gensets offer an environmentally sustainable energy source.

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