Globetrotter Warren celebrates 18 years with DEUTZ

Having worked overseas for many years, it’s no surprise that DEUTZ Australia’s Warren Jansen loves to travel.

A New Zealander, Warren worked in South Africa and back in New Zealand before moving to Melbourne, where he loves living and working.

His work journey began in 1965 with International Harvester Co. in New Zealand. From 1968 he spent five years in the motor trade in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

In 1973 Warren moved to Durban in South Africa as State Parts Manager with a tractor company, where he first saw DEUTZ engines in excavators.

He also worked with two equipment companies, involving visits to aluminium smelters, steel mills and gold and coal mines, and a forklift business.

Due to the political situation, Warren returned to New Zealand and worked with Hyster in Auckland.

Five years later he moved to Melbourne and worked for a materials handling company that used DEUTZ engines in many of its forklifts.

“I was fascinated with the range of DEUTZ Air Cooled engines,” he says.

Warren joined DEUTZ Australia in 2002 and was Parts Manager for 14 years. In 2016 he took a Customer Support – After Sales role and fills in for warehouse staff.

He helps with incoming shipments, picking, packing and dispatching orders, taking phone calls and interpreting parts.

“I love working with engines, particularly such a world first and world-renowned product as DEUTZ,” he says.

“Life with Deutz Australia has been great! I have gotten to see much of Australia, met a wonderful group of people, both colleagues and customers alike.”

On weekends, Warren enjoys sightseeing, gardening, time with his grandchildren, woodturning and renovating.

Over the years he has worked on two homes, two boats, motorbikes, cars and a caravan – when he’s not travelling.

“I love to travel [and] have already seen much of the world, but there is still plenty more to see,” Warren says.