Going with the flow is good for business

Alex Pedemont from NSI Pumps

Nothing beats the peace of mind in reducing risk, which pump specialist Alex Pedemont achieved for a client who needed to be prepared for fire.

The customer wanted the best possible double pump rig to protect a hay pressing plant in regional Victoria.

Alex, who took over NSI Pumps in Numurkah in 2021, came up with the perfect solution – combining an end suction ISO pump with an air cooled, six-cylinder F6L914 DEUTZ engine.

The resulting twin firefighting pumps can move 100 litres per second with a maximum head (vertical lift) of 90 metres. This is much stronger than mains pressure and essential in case of fire.

“Mains pressure and flow isn’t enough,” Alex says. “Basically, the fire brigade will hook into this system.”

Why use DEUTZ in this application? Unrivalled quality, of course.

To complete the set-up Alex, a qualified mechanical engineer, built a steel frame for the engines and coupled them to the pumps. From start to finish, the project took about a month.

Alex says high-quality DEUTZ Drive engines, which come with their own mounts, boast German precision and are a great fit for the job.

The twin application means the plant has two pumps in case of fire, including a back-up in case one fails – although that is unlikely with a DEUTZ engine!

“They press high quality hay down into really high-density bales that get shipped in containers,” Alex says. “If a fire starts, once it gets going you need a lot of water to put it out.”

Family-run NSI Pumps and Diesel Power Pty Ltd develops creative and custom-made pump solutions for a range of clients. They are designed and assembled locally.

Alex and his team, which includes a full-time and a part time employee, design, build, service, and repair pumpsets inhouse and tailored to suit customer requirements.

He enjoys working with DEUTZ BD Manager – Engines Ross Harman and values Ross’s vast experience in the industry. “He just knows engines,” Alex says.

Both are looking forward to an even more fruitful relationship if Alex’s plans to produce more of his quality pumpsets eventuates.

Alex says he’ll definitely be using DEUTZ engines, which really do offer quality and peace of mind. “It’s a well-known brand that features quality engineering,” he says.