Going Solar! Introducing new solar gensets

The generator set (Genset) is one of DEUTZ’s most popular products and can be found in industries as diverse as healthcare, agriculture, mining and oil and gas.

As Ben Jenkinson, DEUTZ Australia Business Development Manager, succinctly explains, “Genset’s capabilities are ‘broad brush’.”

The Genset combines an internal combustion engine and an electrical generator mounted together that produce an AC electrical current. But DEUTZ has continued to innovate Genset technology with industrial models designed specifically for harsh Australian conditions and settings such as off grid homes and hobby farms.

Heavy-duty solutions have also been built to provide performance, reliability and fuel economy using local parts and service support.

Most recently, Gensets have taken another step forward with the introduction of a DEUTZ-approved factory option that is particularly valuable to generators operating in remote locations. DEUTZ Australia has developed a solar battery charging system that comes in kit form for clients to fit on an existing Genset or a new one.

“Where the generator is hooked up to a building, it turns on when the building loses power and, in that setting, the generator comes with an onboard battery charger. You hook up your mains power directly to the Genset to power that battery charger and mains power keeps the battery charged when the Genset is not in use,” explains Ben Jenkinson.

“But when a Genset is taken to a remote location to be used as a standalone power source, there isn’t mains power to charge the battery. Because the control systems on these units draw a little power, the battery is still being used even when the Genset is not on and the battery can go flat.

“To solve this issue, we’ve developed a battery charger that draws on the sun and uses solar power. A solar panel charges up the battery when the Genset is not being used. It’s a similar concept to the solar panel on the roof of the 4WD that you see when people go camping and it’s a perfect solution for Australia because we have plenty of sunshine.”

The development was triggered by an inquiry from a DEUTZ dealer who was looking for a solution to help a government client. The client had some generators that helped operate stormwater pumps and provide emergency power in remote sites and when the Genset batteries went flat, they had no way of recharging them.

“They asked about solar battery charging options and we had a look at what we could do to help. We spoke to the DEUTZ factory in Italy and came up with a solution and decided it was a good option to offer to the broader market in Australia. We recognised there could be wider demand for this kit which is ideal for the off the grid market and standalone systems,” says Ben.

The kit is a ‘plug and play’ option with detailed instructions provided on how to fit it and with DEUTZ experts available to provide support to clients.

“It’s not complicated and customers have the peace of mind of knowing this is a factory-approved upfit,” says Ben.

“This is just another example of how DEUTZ is always looking for ways to innovate.”