Introducing S DEUTZ – a new dimension of service

We are launching a new dimension of service and we place this new dimension of service under S DEUTZ…S DEUTZ is a new way of service”

Mr Michael Wellenzohn, Board Member forSales, Marketing and Service at DEUTZ AG.

In 2021, DEUTZ AG is launching a global initiative designed to enhance customer service and support and take customer care to the next level. Called S DEUTZ, the program is now being rolled out in stages across the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

In essence, S DEUTZ uses a state-of-the-art digital platform to improve customer support in a number of areas.

“These digital tools that we are implementing provide us with a lot of data to learn how our engines are operating for customers and we can consult and support customers so that the engines run 100 per cent,” Mr Michael Wellenzohn explained in an interview with B2B influencer and CEO of KONIGSKLASSE, Martin Grosse.

“We have tools to support delivering parts at the right time to the right site and we have a tool where our customers can register their engines and track what happens on their engines. In addition, we are implementing telemetry which is providing – to our cloud – data from engines in machines operating in the field. So we can support our customers much more to maintain, repair or avoid damage.

“We are working with a lot of enthusiasm on this product. In the end, it is a customer value program for quick and for the best resolution of problems in the field without customers having a lot of headache.”

S DEUTZ builds on other DEUTZ initiatives that have already arrived in Australia and New Zealand, such as the new DEUTZ Service Portal, Lifetime Parts Warranty and Extended Engine Warranty.

The new Service Portal offers garages and users of DEUTZ engines a wide range of online services in one platform, including connecting customers with their local DEUTZ service partner, buying spare parts or registering their engine.

The Lifetime Parts Warranty offers a free extended warranty for spare parts purchased from an official DEUTZ service partner as part of a repair, provided that the DEUTZ engines have been registered online in the DEUTZ Service Portal.

The Extended Engine Warranty can prolong the warranty period of a DEUTZ engine by up to five years after shipping from DEUTZ AG. The program is available for most applications and can be configured up to 10,000 operating hours. For customers with lower operating hours, extended warranties can be offered with reduced maximum operating hours.

“S DEUTZ and these latest initiatives are about improving the service package and service levels and they should streamline processes,” says Shane Moretto, DEUTZ Australia Dealer Development Manager.

“Our plan is to have all dealers on the DEUTZ Service Portal so they can participate in these programs. More and more companies are adopting digital technology and S DEUTZ is a great platform to utilise. Dealers will be able to take parts orders online and people will be able to place an order 24/7 via WebShop in the Service Portal. Customers can also register their engine serial number when they purchase a new engine.

“S DEUTZ is a new approach to service and it is the future direction for DEUTZ in Australia and New Zealand.”

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