Is Kelvin Australia’s biggest DEUTZ fan?

A one-cylinder 1938 11hp DEUTZ tractor (left), with two, three and four-cylinder air-cooled models at a Murray Bridge National Machinery Rally.

Is this Australia’s champion DEUTZ collector?

We’re pretty sure farmer Kelvin Stringer takes the title with 21 DEUTZ tractors, 20 engines, six trucks, and three DEUTZ headers or harvesters he can use on his farm.

The wheat, pea, barley, and canola farmer from Mundoora, north of Adelaide, has loved DEUTZ air-cooled engines since his dad used them on the family farm.

Kelvin, 73, grew up on the property before working with a large agricultural machinery dealer, operating road equipment, and working at his own mechanical workshop at Mundoora in the late 1960s-1970s.

He took over the 1100-acre (445 hectares) farm in 1982 just as a drought hit but has successfully managed it since while adding to his DEUTZ collection.

Kelvin’s tractors date back to 1938 and his trucks were produced in the 1950s. He loves restoring them and taking them to rallies, shows and tractor pulls.

Among his most treasured tractors is a 1938 one-cylinder classic, which Kelvin likes to display with two, three and four-cylinder air-cooled models.

They make an impressive sight when lined up together and attract quite a few visitors to the farm.

Kelvin even built his own DEUTZ tractor in the 1980s and later resisted offers from a potential buyer in the Netherlands.

“It was a case 1200 traction king,” he says. “I removed the case motor, put a BF6L913 DEUTZ engine in it and used a DEUTZ cab and panels. I used it as my main seeding tractor for about six years.”

Kelvin’s wife Pam is a keen participant in his engine activities. They belong to the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club SA branch and the Northern Automotive Restoration Club SA.

With Pam’s help, Kelvin has organised a Mud and Dust Vintage Tractor Pull at the Mundoora football oval for August 20-21 (details 0428 354 218). Proving his handy-man credentials, he built his own tractor pulling sled for this event.

Kelvin enjoys sharing his amazing collection, which never fails to impress. Click here to see him in action at the 2014 Clarendon Classic in Sydney.

While his collection is impressive, Kelvin insists that Glenn Shaw’s vintage tractor museum in Tasmania, which features rare DEUTZ full and scale models, is equally incredible.

Click here to see Glenn’s huge collection, which his late father Hedley started and includes a range of tractor brands.

Why DEUTZ? Kelvin is a big fan of air-cooled engines and their simplicity. He enjoys tinkering without having to bother with head gaskets, water pumps or radiators.

“They’re economical,” he says. “They’re simple to fix. That’s what I like about them.”

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