Josie brings her sales support experience to DEUTZ

Even when the temperature dips during winter months, Josie Beven can often be found taking an early morning dip in the sea near her beachside home. Encouraged by a friend who braves the chilly waters with her, DEUTZ Australia’s Sales Support Administrator says the sea might be freezing but it’s also invigorating.

“I have friends who swim in the bay during winter and they said how much it helped with injuries and circulation and they were right. I feel so much more awake on the days when I do it,” says Josie.

The bracing start to her day also prepares Josie for the busyness of working at DEUTZ Australia’s Head Office. She joined the company several months ago but has spent many years working in the industrial sector. Her previous office management roles included working for a waste management company and for companies that specialised in engine and pump sales. Josie also spent nine years working for a chemical engineer in the paper industry.

At DEUTZ Australia’s head office, Josie supports the sales team and reports to Managing Director, Craig Chamberlin, but works alongside Shane Moretto, Dealer Development Manager, and Ross Harman, BD Manager – Engines. She also liaises closely with the logistics team who control stock flowing in and out of the warehouse.

“Every day is different and I like that aspect of my role – I like the variety,” says Josie.

“I get a steady flow of calls from dealers and customers asking when stock will be available or when their engine is arriving. I compile weekly stock lists for dealers so they know what is in stock and when stock is on the water and coming in and I prepare a rolling forecast of what engines will be required in the next 18 months.”

Day-to-day, Josie’s role sees her processing and coordinating orders that arrive via email or phone call.

“I also liaise with our workshop if parts need to be fitted to the machines or engines, and with the logistics and warehouse team to dispatch engines. There’s a lot of time management and prioritising to be done throughout the day to keep things moving smoothly,” adds Josie.

Since her arrival at DEUTZ Australia, the pandemic has sometimes impacted Josie’s role with shipment schedules and availability of stock presenting challenges at times.

“We used to get stock on our doorstep within eight weeks and that timeframe has expanded to about ten weeks because of COVID, but we work closely with our customers to keep them up-to-date with what is happening,” says Josie.

“I have plenty of support to be able to do my role and there is always someone to ask for guidance when needed. I’m still learning and I like that. I already feel like part of the furniture at DEUTZ and the office banter is great here, too! There’s always someone to share a joke with and to chat to about your week.”

Outside of work, as well as enjoying a dawn swim, Josie likes to spend time entertaining family and friends at home.

“On a Saturday afternoon I pump up the music – from easy listening and classic rock to country and western and blues – and do my housework. I’ll then cook because I love having people over for dinner. On quieter weekends I’ll have my nose in an autobiography or a Tim Winton or Bryce Courtenay book,” she says.

“And – when I can – I love to travel.”