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Karen keeps everyone on their toes

Whether she’s giving away homegrown produce or keeping her colleagues on in line, there is never a dull moment with Karen Harvey in the office.

Karen loves her job and interacting with her work mates. Her cheeky sense of humor draws plenty of laughs – unless someone asks her to make visitors tea and coffee (“What do I look like the tea lady?!”).

“I give as good as I take,” she says. There’s never a dull moment in this office.”

As DEUTZ Australia Accounts Receivable/Receptionist, Karen is the first point of contact for customers and delivery drivers. She works directly with dealers, OEMs and staff, and helps to organise the annual Christmas function.

She is about to clock up ten years with DEUTZ Australia.  A typical day involves answering phones, greeting visitors, sorting accounts, banking, replacing missing invoices, organising staff travel, maintaining the calendar and answering lots of emails.

“I’ve worked for a few big companies and have never felt like not going to work, and DEUTZ is one of them.  You are trusted with a lot of privileged information and trusted to work unsupervised’, she says.

Out of the office, Karen is a keen gardener. She and her partner Brett grow vegetables year-round in a large hot house. She sometimes brings them into the office and makes her own jams, chutneys and sauces.” Her damper is also a hit – “MKR eat your heart out.”

Brett and Karen enjoy four-wheel driving, camping and fishing at Mallacoota with their six-metre boat, “even if Brett doesn’t always catch the fish”. Karen has been to the Australian outback, Vietnam and Cambodia, and loves photography – as long as she’s not the subject.  And one of her quirks? She hates walking over grates or any type of ground pits, which can be tricky given one of her other passions is walking!

Karen has three children and eight grandchildren. “Many of our Dealer’s would have met my son who also worked for DEUTZ in the warehouse for 5-6 years,” she says.

And while retirement is still a few years away, when the time comes, you will find Karen travelling off the beaten track around Australia.