Long Life Deutz Diesel Engines

Mr. Enzo Arboit principal of Arboit’s Farm Machinery, of Ayr in north Qld, was praising the exceptional long operating life of two F3L912 Gen engines which should be candidates for the Guinness Book of records as far as he is concerned.

The first F3L912 was a reconditioned engine that was installed at “Glendale Station” and gave 49,215 hrs of service as the prime power source for this property. Apart from irregular servicing this engine was never dismantled.

The replacement F3L912 s/n 7193647 engine was purchased on 16.09.86 for $5,200.00 and has operated for 15 hrs per day, every day during the past 18.75 years. This is more than 100,000 hrs without major repairs apart from the owner’s normal irregular servicing.

The owners have been so impressed by the outstanding performance of the DEUTZ engines they will not consider any other brand and as a result they have just purchased engine no 3 from Enzo.

Both Enzo and his customers love the long service life and total reliability of the DEUTZ Air Cooled engines. But their agreement stops there as Enzo believes that the DEUTZ engines will never make him wealthy since the use so few spare parts unlike the engines his competition