A Man of Many Talents


Anyone who has dealt with our Technical Manager Mr. David Howes knows he’s a whiz with all things technical. But did you know he builds his own robots?

David is a man of few words but many talents. If you have a technical issue, chances are he can solve it for you – with a smile

Davids 37 years’ experience comes in very handy when it comes to all things DEUTZ and his infield product experience is invaluable when it comes to supporting our product in the region. He helps dealers, OEMs, OEM service organisations and end-users throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

A typical day involves answering mechanical, technical and operational queries.

David started with DEUTZ in the UK back in 1980 as an apprentice and spent 26 years honing his skills. The industry has changed enormously since he started.

“We used to fix mechanical engines with spanners and now we fix them using computers and electronics,” David says.

In 2006 he moved to Melbourne, where the city’s notoriously fickle weather probably made him feel right at home.

Victorian winters can be dark and drab – ideal for perfecting your latest engineering project. David loves to “tinker” on weekends and has produced some amazing creations.

He recently built a 3D drawing robot that draws with a pen. “It can draw anything you give it with a pen,” he says.

If that wasn’t enough, David developed a CCTV system for his house. “I like using things that other people have created and find ways to improve them,” he says.

No wonder David is known for his technical prowess!