Meet Liz Balint – one of our longest serving staff members

After settling in Melbourne as a young migrant, Liz Balint has spent 30 years working with DEUTZ Australia dealers.

Liz, her parents and sister arrived in the 1970s from Yugoslavia (now Serbia) with two suitcases after her uncle convinced them to follow him here.

“He wrote letters to my parents telling them about the better life they were living in Australia and my parents decided they wanted to give my younger sister and I this better life,” she says.

After finishing school here, Liz trained as a receptionist/typist and worked with several other companies before securing a job as a DEUTZ Australia clerk/typist in the Engine Division.

Now an After-Sales Administrator, she answers dealer enquiries about parts price and availability. Her other tasks include order entry, invoicing, returns and credit notes. She also prepares urgent orders and helps her parts and service colleagues.

Liz loves working with dealers and the variety of tasks. Every day is different.

On weekends, she “chills out”, spends time with family and friends, goes for drives, has picnics or sees a movie. She also enjoys reading, embroidery, tapestry and dancing.

Some people might not realise, but Liz says she is a shy person. At work, she thrives on the camaraderie and friendly banter that always makes the day more enjoyable.

“Occasionally, we have our ups and downs, but we always have mutual respect,” she says. “I know it sounds cliched, but DEUTZ is like a second family, ‘the family you have when you are not at home’.”