Powering Australia and NZ for more than three years

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park & Aquarium owners Sam and Dana Mitchell and their son Connor, then 19 months.

Powerful DEUTZ Gensets have been providing power solutions in Australia and New Zealand for more than three years – and continue to get better.

The popular generators were adapted for local conditions and continue to improve with features such as solar panels.

Business Development Manager – DEUTZ Power Solutions Ben Jenkinson says they are selling ‘exceptionally well’ and offering peace of mind for many customers.

Purchasers include businesses, farms and organisations needing backup power.

“Our biggest percentage of sales would be in the agricultural sector,” Ben says. “Some farms use them to power irrigation pumps.”

Since the first Australian units were sold in September 2018, following an extensive development period, a growing number of customers have found the perfect solution in a DEUTZ Genset.

They can be found in all corners of Australia, across diverse climate and terrain.

Tasmania’s historic West Coast Wilderness Railway has a DEUTZ DPS33DB Genset at both ends of its scenic route.

The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) also uses Gensets to back up power in its buildings.

They have even made their way down to the Antarctic Research Centre in Antarctica, where three DEUTZ Gensets to power a hot water drill capable of drilling through ice to a depth of 1,000m.

In early 2020, DEUTZ also donated a 40kVA Genset to help the bushfire effort on Kangaroo Island, where it powered a new animal hospital.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park & Aquarium had helped up to 250 sick and injured animals following the devastating bushfires, but initially had nowhere to treat them.

Ben says the Genset range continues to grow and serve the diverse needs of clients nationally. They contain quality parts and are robust and easy to use.

“We’ve grown our list of options,” he says. “We have a variety of models to suit the circumstances. Dealers can also tailor them to individual needs.

“Everyone who buys our generators loves them.”