Pumping up businesses around the world

Above image: Commercial Business Unit Manager Hem Prakash (left) and Production Team leader Tony Lam inspecting the Davey ISO CF80400BI before despatch.

Davey Water Products has helped Melbourne businesses to ‘go with the flow’ using its famous water pumps for more than 80 years.
It all started in 1934, when Frank W. Davey opened an auto-electrical repairs business in a small shop in Carlton with five staff.
Frank visited the Victoria Market every day and offered a ‘same morning’ electrical accessory service to country vegetable growers and buyers.

Recognising a market need in poor economic times, his business grew from an auto-electrical repair shop to an electric motor and generator manufacturer.

Eventually the business began to manufacture Australia’s world-famous Davey water products. Now based in Scoresby, it now operates globally as part of GUD Holdings.

Commercial Business Unit Manager Hem Prakash studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland and entered the pump industry in 1994. He joined Davey in 2017.

Hem and his team of dedicated Application and Sales Engineers work with Davey Water Solutions, a manufacturing arm of the Davey Commercial business Unit.

They help dealers and customers nationally and internationally with water solutions using the latest Davey products, like the state-of-the art cloud-based IQ booster system, designed and made in Australia.

“Having a chemical engineering background, I find working out various pumping application solutions very interesting,” he says.

Hem, who used DEUTZ products before joining Davey, uses our diesel engines to run his Davey ISO pumps.

“Davey ISO pumps are used in various application in irrigation, fire, industrial, mining and water transfer and treatment applications,” he says.

In a recent example, a Davey ISO CF40250BI pump was supplied with a DEUTZ F2L2011 – 2-cylinder 21.8 kW engine for a water transfer application.

This Davey ISO CF80400BI pump was fitted with a DEUTZ BF6M1013E – 6-cylinder 130kW engine to work at a mine site.

A Davey ISO CF80400BI pump was also fitted with a DEUTZ BF6M1013E – 6-cylinder 130kW engine to work at a Queensland mine site.

“DEUTZ has excellent workmanship, finish, a stronger build and they are very reliable,” Hem says. “They also use tyre coupling, which some of our customers like.”

Hem says DEUTZ Australia BD Manager – Engines Ross Harman has been very helpful with technical assistance and reliable in quotation turn-around times, providing all the required information.

“Ross … has been very helpful in answering customer technical queries and information,” he says. “So far dealing with DEUTZ has been very good.”

When he’s not working, Hem watches sci-fi shows such as Stargate and Babylon 5. He enjoys seeing their futuristic concepts, which sometimes inspire scientists.

“I’d like to see teleportation, like in Star Trek, you know ‘Beam me up Scotty’,” he says. “Whether they can break down molecules and reintegrate them remains to be seen.”