How does a diesel generator work?

Diesel generator by Deutz

DEUTZ Diesel generators combine a powerful and reliable source of electricity with great fuel economy.

Our diesel generators are ideal for farms, homes, businesses, utilities, governments, and emergency services that are off-grid or need emergency or supplementary power.

Designed for our region’s unique conditions, world-class DEUTZ Power Solutions use the best available design, technology, and parts.

What is a diesel generator?

A diesel Genset, or diesel generator set, combines an internal combustion engine and an electrical generator (alternator) mounted together to form a single piece of equipment.

The electromechanical machine produces an AC electrical current from the thermal energy of combustion through a double-cascade converter.

This involves thermal energy introduced by diesel fuel being converted to mechanical energy as the engine rotates, and the mechanical energy becoming electric energy.

Diesel generator operating modes include:

  • Island mode, where the Genset is the sole source of energy for the user system. Examples include self-powered and work site equipment.
  • Backup power when the existing network fails or is not operating. Gensets can activate automatically to ensure hospitals, computers and industry keep operating.  
  • Parallel mode, where multiple units work together to ensure power continuity if one fails, the required load is too big for one Genset, or more power is needed at peak times.

Designed to meet your needs

DEUTZ diesel generators are ideal for household and business settings during a power loss or natural disaster.

We manufacture and test all Gensets to guarantee quality, performance, and reliability. Our Sales Team can customise the standard model to your needs.

Powered by genuine DEUTZ engines, diesel Gensets offer a range of configurations and power settings, from 13 kVA to 550kVA.

They can be Open Frame or Sound-Proof. The Sound-Proof System uses state-of-the-art technology and materials to meet and exceed industry requirements.

The canopy is made from galvanised sheet metal with a powder-coated finish for durability and to withstand the elements.

A high-tech control system can be upgraded with simple plug-and-play modules.

The standard package includes features such as:

  • STAMFORD alternator
  • COMAP controller
  • options to customise configurations to customer application requirements and Australian standards.


All DEUTZ diesel Genset or diesel generator models feature our trademark quality, performance, reliability, durability, and fuel economy.

Tailored to each customer’s needs, they are more fuel-efficient than others, have stronger, more robust packages and use local parts and service support.

A full manufacturer’s guarantee is included with all new models.

Post-purchase, our Technical Support Team offers peace of mind with local parts, service, and maintenance plans.

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