Something in the air at DEUTZ

While 2020 has been challenging, it has not led to the demise of DEUTZ Australia’s popular air-cooled engines. 

Following a product review, some DEUTZ air-cooled engine models will be discontinued from the 912 and 914 engine families at the end of this year. These include: F3L912, F5L912, and F3l914.

But DEUTZ Australia will still sell its other air-cooled models, which are part of an extensive range of air, water, and oil-cooled engines.

Two air-cooled engine families covering 12 models will still be produced – the 912 and 914 in Tier 0 to Tier 3 emission levels. 

In Australia, these engines are popular for use with irrigation pumps, hydraulic pumps, industrial water pumps, power generators and industrial mobile equipment.

DEUTZ Australia Dealer Development Manager Shane Moretto says some people mistakenly thought all air-cooled engines were being discontinued.

“Air cooled engines have been popular in Australia for more than 50 years, covering various industrial, agricultural and automotive applications as DEUTZ was once used in trucks,” Shane says.

“DEUTZ Australia will continue to stock and supply new air cooled 912 and 914 family of engines for the foreseeable future, as demand for the products is still strong in Australia and New Zealand.”

Shane says some of the discontinued engines are in the DEUTZ Drive series, but DEUTZ Australia has ordered inventory to cover sales into 2021. DEUTZ Drive models  affected are the F3L912, F5L912, and F3L914. 

Shane says genuine DEUTZ parts will be available for the discontinued models for some time.

“For engines where parts are specific to the discontinued engines, new production parts will be available for 10+ years and DEUTZ Xchange parts will be available beyond that,” Shane says.

DEUTZ engines cover all emission levels to US EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage 5. 

Our 912 and 914 engines are air-cooled, the 2011 range is oil cooled and the 1013, 2013 and 1015 ranges are water cooled from our DEUTZ Drive range.

New models introduced or on the way this year include the TCD9.0L4, TCD12.0L6, TCD13.5L6 and TCD18.0L6.

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