The best of DEUTZ on display in 2024. DEUTZ presents its innovative drive technologies at the 2024 INTERMAT Expo.

Every three years, the INTERMAT expo showcases the very best and latest in sustainable construction solutions and technology.

At this year’s event in Paris, nearly 1,000 exhibitors, including DEUTZ, showcased construction materials, equipment and solutions specifically developed for major worksites, public works and building industries around the globe.

This year’s overarching theme was ‘low-carbon’ with innovation, energy, new equations and CSR commitments in the spotlight. Innovating to find solutions to industry challenges, incorporating high performance alternative energy sources to support the economy, and reaching net zero were all under discussion.

DEUTZ’s product portfolio to be presented at the 2024 INTERMAT Expo

DEUTZ will attend the 2024 INTERMAT event in Paris, France from Wednesday, 24 April to Saturday, 27 April 2024 to continue to raise awareness of its efforts and achievements in leading drive technologies, including its entire TCD engine portfolio being approved for use with alternative diesel fuels.

Since December 2022, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) can be used to run all DEUTZ engines that meet the EU Stage V emissions standard, including the TCD 5.2 series. In February this year, DEUTZ opened its first HVO filling station at its factory site in Cologne.

“HVO is an innovative biofuel produced from biological waste, manure and used cooking oils and fats. The use of HVO fuels reduces the carbon footprint of DEUTZ’s engines by up to 95 per cent,” says DEUTZ Australia CEO, Craig Chamberlin.

The approval of biofuel gives DEUTZ customers another avenue to help achieve climate neutrality, and DEUTZ is also working towards this goal with its innovations in electric, hybrid and hydrogen engines.

DEUTZ launched the company’s first hydrogen engine, the TCG 7.8 H2, in August 2021 as a further addition to the company’s portfolio of low-emission and zero-emission drive systems. This model was used in a joint project with RheinEnergie AG to power their inaugural hydrogen genset.

The six-cylinder engine is based on an existing design and while it produces 220 kW of power, it is carbon-neutral and quiet. Volume production of DEUTZ’s hydrogen engines is expected to happen by the end of 2024, thanks to a partnership with MAHLE.

“The engine’s design is based on conventional combustion engine technology, but importantly, it runs on hydrogen instead of fossil fuels and the hydrogen combustion process does not generate CO2 emissions,” says Craig.

DEUTZ is also focused on further developing its fully electric and hybrid electric drive technologies. The E-DEUTZ strategy and drive systems began rolling out in 2021 and momentum continues to build. The fully electric and hybrid E-DEUTZ system is a response to market demand and expectations and is becoming an increasingly important part of the company’s focus worldwide.

The development of the PowerTree mobile charging system from E-DEUTZ that supplies electric construction vehicles with energy has been a key innovation for the company. The latest version of the PowerTree has a charging capacity of up to 150 kilowatts.

Each year brings more innovation from the scientists and engineers working in the DEUTZ laboratories and workshops. The INTERMAT Expo highlighted just a few examples of the progress DEUTZ is making towards a cleaner, greener environment.

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