The complete power solution – DEUTZ DPS Diesel Genset

Those seeking the complete power solution need look no further than our DEUTZ DPS Diesel Genset.

DEUTZ Australia launched the latest portable power generation solution – the DPS Range of Gensets at the recent DEUTZ Regional Dealer conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The generation set solution is a diesel generator for prime or standby power. An combines a diesel generator with solar power.

It comes with a generator, control panel and frame, and can be supplied either as an open set or enclosed units.

Manufactured and tested by DEUTZ, customers can be assured of the genset’s quality, performance and reliability.

The standard power solution package (DPS) includes features such as a Mecc Alte alternator and Comap controllers, with options to customise configurations to meet customer application requirements and Australian standards.

Powered by DEUTZ engines, the DPS range of generator sets cover power outputs of 13kva to 500kva in open and enclosed configurations.

The DPS-Hybrid solution offers an advanced hybrid operating mode, either battery-driven or powered by a solar module.

The idea is that:

  • If the engine generates more electricity than needed, any excess is stored in the battery.
  • If required, this energy can either boost the engine or act as the sole power supply source, resulting in fuel savings of up to 65 per cent.
  • Should the diesel engine fail, the battery can keep the genset operating for up to 24 hours.

The solar hybrid variant has a solar collector, which, in particularly sunny parts of Australia, can generate most of the power it needs.

The diesel engine starts only when required, providing extra support during power consumption peaks or on days when the sun does not shine.

This allows extremely efficient operation and fuel consumption, low maintenance and a long service life. As well as cost savings, DPS hybrid solutions offer an environmentally sustainable energy source.

For more information, view our Gen Set Brochure.