Torque Industries Test the Latest DEUTZ Engine

The Torque Industries story started in Adelaide back in 1985 and they have been a leading supplier in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Filtration and Automation in Australia ever since.

A new DEUTZ customer, Torque Industries recently installed a BF4L2011 DEUTZ Drive engine on a Hydraulic power unit.

The engine runs a Hydraulic power unit system that is used to power an underwater cutting saw.

According to Torque Industries, the engine performance has exceeded expectations. Director/Sales Manager, Jethro Laundy says, “It allows us to have a more compact solution rather than a water cooled engine”.

The photo below illustrates how the DEUTZ engine is being used in a marine hydraulic power unit.

If you are interested in how other customers are using our latest plug and play, Power Pack package, please contact us or visit our DEUTZ Drive information page.