New range of engines showcased at World of Concrete 2018

New in-line engines and Xchange engines were exhibited at the recent World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas which will be available worldwide from 2019.

World of Concrete Expo – TDC 3.6 Power Pack

Among the engines on show were the TCD 2.9, TCD 3.6 and TCD 4.1 models and the compact TD 3.6 Power Pack for mobile machinery for customers who prefer a ready-to-install solution.

DEUTZ also announced that it would be extending its portfolio in the higher output range with four new in-line engines from 9 to 18 litres capacity.

The TCD 9.0 four-cylinder engine delivers 300 kW of power and generates 1,700 Nm of torque.

The TCD 12.0 and 13.5 are six-cylinder engines producing, respectively, 400 kW of power and 2,500 Nm of torque, and 450 kW of power and 2,800 Nm of torque.

The new TCD 9.0, 12.0 and 13.5 models share a common platform concept with a high degree of parts commonality, approaching 65 percent. This concept reduces the service and training complexity and simplifies spare parts stocking.

The engines also share customer interface points, with identical front and rear configurations, which simplify the integration and servicing of the engines considerably.

At the top of the range, DEUTZ will be offering the TCD 18.0 six-cylinder engine with 620 kW and 3,600 Nm. This is targeted particularly at heavy construction equipment with high power and torque requirements.

DEUTZ Xchange

DEUTZ also presented reconditioned Xchange engines.

DEUTZ Xchange engines will undergo a thorough refurbishment, making them an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to purchasing a new engine.

The engines and parts do not compromise on functionality or safety. In terms of quality, they meet the same standards that apply to the manufacturing of new engines – which is why DEUTZ offers an identical guarantee for its Xchange products.