The DEUTZ Philosophy

DEUTZ Diesel Engine Design

Our Vision

DEUTZ builds the most advanced drive systems for professionals, providing outstanding performance to shape the world.

In 1864, DEUTZ became the world’s first engine manufacturer and our vision for the future remains being number one. We aim to be first when it comes to:

  • customer value
  • quality
  • technology
  • systems solutions and service solutions
  • on all matters related to engines; and
  • first in the market.

The name DEUTZ continues to remain synonymous with quality.

As the leading independent supplier in the premium engine segment, we want to lead innovation in technology geared to market requirements.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best cost-benefit ratio and generate the greatest client satisfaction with our products and services.

Our Mission

Through pioneering spirit and innovation, DEUTZ helped shape the industrial revolution. Now, we are driving the next revolution – delivering efficiency, performance and sustainability for our customers with economical overall costs.

DEUTZ – the engine company. We set standards and shape the future.

Since 1952, DEUTZ Australia has continued these traditions and built upon solid DEUTZ foundations to serve the Australian and New Zealand markets with distinction, adapting products and services to the local market.

DEUTZ Australia is known for its quality, innovation, reliability and great service.