Company Structure

If you want to know what is behind the DEUTZ brand, there are people all over the world who can tell you.

Wherever DEUTZ engines are in use, there is one thing our customers can be sure of –  you can depend on a DEUTZ. No matter what the demands. No matter where in the world. The name DEUTZ has a firm place in the world of machine manufacturers and machine operators. And has had for over 140 years.

Our positioning:

  • independent manufacturer of diesel engines
  • complete product range from 25 to 560 kW
  • engines for all areas of application
  • cooling systems: air, oil, and water
  • engines tailor-made to customers’ needs
  • economy: life-cycle cost advantages
  • service-orientated
  • global reach with subsidiaries and strategic partners
  • internal abilities: quick, flexible, and innovative
  • reliable supplier.

The Corporate Structure


DEUTZ Compact EnginesDEUTZ Customised Solutions

The DEUTZ Group’s operating activities are divided into two segments: DEUTZ Compact Engines and DEUTZ Customised Solutions.

The DEUTZ Compact Engines segment comprises of liquid-cooled engines with capacities of less than four litres and engines with capacities of four to eight litre.

The DEUTZ Customised Solutions segment focuses on air-cooled engines and large liquid-cooled engines with capacities of more than eight litres.

DEUTZ’s field of activity covers development, design, production, sales and services for diesel engines that are cooled by water, oil or air.