Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

What is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

Battery Energy Storage Systems, or BESS, are rechargeable batteries that, when needed, can store energy from your existing diesel genset and renewable sources such as solar or wind and release energy on demand. 

Our DEUTZ BESS is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to maximise renewable energy utilisation without being limited by weather conditions or power grid limitations. The BESS enables any excess energy to be stored for later use. 

What are the benefits of BESS?

Battery energy storage systems offer numerous benefits when integrated with renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Given the unpredictability of solar and wind, the BESS plays a crucial role in stabilising energy flow, ensuring a consistent supply regardless of weather conditions. They also safeguard users from any potential disruptions that might jeopardise energy supply. 

Here are some advantages of battery energy storage systems: 

Reduce expenditure:

Remote areas where costs to stay connected with the main grid are high using traditional diesel gensets can also benefit from BESS by reducing fuel consumption and servicing costsIn some instances these costs can reduce by more than 50% using a BESS system. 

Environmentally friendly:

Installing a battery energy storage system powered by renewable energy generation technologies helps reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels. It supports pathways toward achieving net-zero and combats the effects of global warming.

Why should you choose a DEUTZ BESS?

There are numerous reasons to consider DEUTZ as your trustworthy supplier of Battery Energy Storage Systems:

Modularity and expandability:

Our BESS features a single-chassis size architecture, ensuring a compact design. The modular construction supports straightforward system expansion to manage increased output and storage demands. Additionally, the 3kVA hot-swappable inverters provide a high level of system redundancy and maintain a stable voltage output.

Compact and portable design:

DEUTZ excels in creating small units that deliver significant output. Each model features 144 kWh batteries, expandable in increments of 36 kWh. With its compact design and robust canopy capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions, our BESS is easily transportable. 

Eco-friendly approach:

DEUTZ is at the forefront of developing sustainable drive systems and power solutions. The introduction of BESS allows us to harness renewable energy sources like solar or wind and store them for future use. This alleviates reliance on fossil fuels and the main grid, resulting in reduced carbon dioxide emissions. 

Additionally, our cutting-edge and high-quality canopy can endure all weather conditions, diminish noise pollution, deliver prolonged durability and safeguard internal components.

Built to last:

Our BESS is constructed exclusively from high-quality components, including a galvanised sheet metal with a powder coated finish canopy, durable lithium iron batteries (LiFePO4), and the famous Controls Inc’s controller. Together, these ensure DEUTZ BESS units are built to last. 

Even better, the battery and inverter are hot-swappable, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. The unit is also outfitted with an air-conditioned enclosure which extends battery life and inverter health.

DEUTZ Battery Energy Storage System Models:

There are two chassis sizes available. Each BESS is paired with a compatible DEUTZ Diesel Generator to ensure there is no power interruption.

Small Chassis

  • 9kVA,35kWh
  • 18kVA,35kWh  
  • 27kVA,70kWh  
  • 36kVA,70kWh 

Large Chassis

  • 45kVA,105kWh
  • 63kVA,140kWh
  • 90kVA,140kWh

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