Standby generators

DEUTZ Power Solutions emergency and standby power systems are designed to provide an alternate source of power if the mains power supply fails

Typically, standby generators encompass one or more diesel generators that can carry at least any critical and emergency loads. Automatic transfer switches (ATS) transfer power from the main utility supply to the alternate power sources when the main utility supply is interrupted.

A facility may have one or several independent emergency power systems. After utility power returns, the automatic transfer switch transfers the electrical load back to the utility and signals the standby generator to shut off.

DEUTZ Power Solutions are the perfect partner whenever uninterrupted power is needed.

Emergency standby generators are essential in the following applications:

Financial institutions, banks, insurance providers

Being cut off from work and clients, having information systems go down and losing vital data can all cost businesses money. Whether IT systems are centralised or across various sales offices, a secure electrical power supply is strategically critical.

It is also increasingly important in the global economy for processes to be computerised. Distribution strategies must be innovative and make information easily accessible to customers.

Data exchange and access requirements mean that lost or poor-quality electricity supply could cause significant financial losses. Financial and insurance institutions and banks equipped with standby generators can protect themselves against this happening.

DEUTZ Power Solutions Gensets are the right choice to manage backup power systems and ensure that customers and businesses are not at risk.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions

Power cuts in hospitals can have serious consequences. They are not common but all healthcare institutions must be prepared for them.

Continuity of power is vital in a hospital or healthcare facility, where equipment failure could put patients’ lives at risk. Regulations also require all such institutions to be equipped with an autonomous and storable back-up energy source.

Local council and government

Governments at all levels need standby generator sets to provide power in the event of a power outage to keep their systems in full operation during a crisis.

When residents need emergency services such as police, fire, and emergency call centres, these services must have power, even if the rest of the community does not.

In a severe disaster, for instance, municipal buildings need power to establish shelters and command centres. You can protect your emergency management infrastructure with reliable standby generators.

Water treatment

Sewage and water treatment plants remove physical, chemical, and biological contaminants from wastewater. Due to the essential nature of these facilities, it is critical to maintain power 24/7.

The electric power the system generates can be used to supply the sewage plant and the thermal heat generated inside the engine during the combustion process can be used for heating the sewage sludge or the whole facility.

In large-scale plants, excessive heat can be used to pasteurise or dry the sewage sludge.

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