DEUTZ Gensets – Do’s and Don’ts

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Powerful DEUTZ Gensets are popular with customers needing a reliable power source.

Produced to handle the harshest conditions across Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, they are perfect in a range of settings, including retail, manufacturing, and farms.

Once you’ve chosen your DEUTZ Power Solution, it’s important to keep it well maintained. Our basic tips will help you to ensure this is done safely.

It is important to note that major maintenance must be conducted by an authorised service engineer.

Customers can also contact a DEUTZ expert for technical support and troubleshooting advice at any time. Reach out to your closest DEUTZ dealer to access parts.

Maintaining your DEUTZ Genset

Thorough Genset maintenance by experienced experts is critical to ensure it operates in optimum condition. Generators must be switched off and the battery isolated while performing any maintenance.

Always refer to the Operations and Maintenance Manual provided with each DEUTZ Power Solutions generator or contact your local dealer for a copy.

Your expert maintenance checklist typically includes:

  • physical and visual checks of the diesel generator
  • checks of engine, exhaust, cooling, fuel, and DC electrical systems
  • level of critical fluids
  • battery condition
  • overall condition assessment.

Outside periodic checks by in-house professionals or experts, you can:

  • Run the generator on a regular basis, ensuring it is in working condition.
  • Check for signs of damage. Observe the engine, fuel system, exhaust system and oil system for leaks.
  • Clean the generator cooling system regularly. Remove visible dirt, mud, dust, and other irregularities.

Genset safety dos and don’ts


  • read Genset alarm messages carefully on controllers to identify problems
  • check for common problems such as low fuel and oil levels, and coolant leaks
  • attend and resolve all alarms
  • have easily accessible fire extinguishers, including those that can put out electrical fires
  • keep Gensets as clean as possible with all services recommended by DEUTZ
  • keep hot air away from the Genset and follow user manual recommendations.


  • ignore minor problems such as unusual smells or noises
  • perform major maintenance or fix Gensets without professional help
  • use Gensets in confined areas
  • place flammable materials near generators
  • remove electrical covers when not isolated.