Prime Power Generators

If you’re looking for a power solution for prime or standby power, you’ve come to the right place. DEUTZ Power Solutions Gensets can power farm equipment and your industrial needs – large and small.

Our industrial generators can provide energy where there is no public distribution network, or the user needs to produce the energy required for their own needs. Typical examples include self-powered equipment and those used on work sites.

This is especially useful in remote parts of Australia and New Zealand where mains connection is difficult or problematic, or power may be temporarily lost. The peace of mind provided in having a reliable prime power source to keep your business operating at all required times is priceless.

DEUTZ Power Solutions Gensets are also a popular addition for DC and AC coupled microgrid and hybrid power systems.

The entire system has been designed to be flexible and ‘customer friendly’, allowing synergy with existing hybrid systems and integration with new microgrid / hybrid power projects.

We can design a system tailored to your situation and environment, whether you are located in a city, town, the Australian outback or New Zealand countryside.

DEUTZ Power Solutions can also help if an unanticipated emergency arises.

Regardless of your commercial needs, we can tailor a system to keep you powered. Our heavy duty industrial Gensets are designed for the unique Australian and New Zealand environments.

DEUTZ models are more robust and fuel efficient than others and use local parts and service support. The powder coated galvanised sheet metal canopy is durable and can withstand exposure to the elements.

You can also upgrade your control system with simple plug and play modules available in two variants – Open Frame and a Sound Proof System. Whatever your needs, a DEUTZ industrial Genset can meet them.

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