DEUTZ History

DEUTZ was established at a proud time in history as the mass production of engines began. It was the 1860s and DEUTZ led the way, as it still does today.

In 1864, Nicolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen started N.A. Otto & Cie., the world’s first engine factory, which much later became DEUTZ AG.

From a small workshop with a handful of employees in the old town of Cologne, they developed an enterprise with strong partners and world-leading engine technology.

Otto and Eugen laid the foundations to motorise the world, enabling a freedom of movement without which our modern way of life would be inconceivable.

Since 1952, DEUTZ Australia has been a part of this remarkable story and taken the company’s quality products and services to Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Today, DEUTZ employs about 4,500 people, and is represented in 130 countries across every continent.