History of diesel engines

The history of diesel engines dates back to the late 19th century when Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer, invented the first practical compression-ignition engine. Throughout this significant timeline, DEUTZ has also achieved significant milestones.

Here is a brief overview of the key milestones in the history of diesel engines and how DEUTZ has evolved along this timeline:

1892Rudolf Diesel patents his design for an internal combustion engine.
1892DEUTZ starts manufacturing locomotives with combustion engines; first prototype delivered to Radebeul Chemical Factory.
1894DEUTZ presents its first diesel engine manufactured in-house.
1897Rudolf Diesel produces a prototype engine. He exhibits it at the Exhibition Fair in Munich, demonstrating it is more efficient than steam engines of the era.
1898The first commercial diesel engine is used in a stationary setting.
1899The first two-stroke engine, invented by Hugo Güldner, is built.
1901The first trunk piston diesel engine is designed by Immanuel Lauster.
1907The combustion engine patent held by Rudolf Diesel expires, allowing DEUTZ to offer a competitive range of diesel engines.
1907DEUTZ begins mass production of diesel engines with around 3,500 employees in-house.
1908The first appearance of a truck with a diesel engine.
1911DEUTZ introduces the first mass-produced compressorless diesel engine.
1912The first locomotive and ocean-going ship with diesel engines.
1921The VM (Viertakt-Motor) four-stroke engine with airless direct fuel injection hits the market.
1923The first tractor with a diesel engine is displayed at the Königsberg DLG Exhibition.
1925Diesel powered tractors begin being mass produced.
1926DEUTZ launches the first mass-produced diesel tractor, the MTH 222.
1929First passenger vehicle with a diesel engine.
1934First diesel-electric passenger train.
1936DEUTZ takes over C.D. Magirus AG and enters the diesel-powered commercial vehicle business: fire brigade vehicles, trucks, customised all-wheel-drive military vehicles, and buses.
1946Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD) markets an air-cooled mass-produced diesel engine.
1950sKHD becomes the global market leader of air-cooled diesel engines.
1972KHD introduces the AS-System (any fuel direct injection) which can operate on any kind of liquid fuel.
1979First prototype of a low-speed two-stroke engine.
1996First diesel engine with direct injection and four valves per cylinder.
2006The world’s most powerful diesel engine is produced, rated at 80,080 kW.