What is a hybrid power solution?

A hybrid power solution combines two or more types of energy generation sources to supply electricity demands.

Hybrid power solutions generate energy using a combination of sources that usually contain at least one renewable source, such as wind or solar. Biomass and thermal energy production can also be utilised. Sources are integrated with traditional power generation, such as diesel generators or connection to the main grid.

The type of combination will be decided by factors such as the availability of renewable energy sources, location and financial considerations, but overall, hybrid systems enable power solutions for almost any situation.

Applications of hybrid power solutions can include remote and rural areas, residential homes, military units, mining companies, business parks, shopping centres, microgrids, islands and telecommunications. They may be integrated with the main power grid, but this is not essential.

Hybrid power solutions play a major role in reducing the use of fossil fuels by enabling a greater use of renewable energy sources, thus reducing greenhouse gases and playing a role in meeting future emissions targets.

One of the challenges of renewable energy is that it is an uncontrollable source.

Wind turbines will only generate power when there is sufficient wind to turn the blades, and solar energy can only be generated when the sun is shining.

Likewise, energy demands do not match the times and quantities of energy being generated. In order to balance these two parts of the equation, supply and demand, hybrid solutions may utilise battery storage systems or be integrated with diesel generators or the main grid.

In this way, the hybrid solution enables maximum generation and delivery from renewable sources, storage of excess energy for later delivery and connection to backup sources to cover any peak demands or downtime.

Compared with a single power supply, a hybrid power solution provides more overall benefits, such as increased efficiencies in energy generation and delivery, greater reliability, utilising combined available energy sources, and, more importantly, the optimization of sustainable sources.

If you are interested in learning more about hybrid power solutions or need guidance in setting up your initial system, DEUTZ Australia is here to help.

Our latest DEUTZ hybrid power solution integrates solar panels, a battery energy storage unit, and a backup DEUTZ diesel generator, making it an excellent option.

Whether you need to power households in remote areas, industrial sites, or provide backup for critical infrastructure, we can tailor a perfect solution for your needs!