Why should you invest in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

There are a number of benefits and opportunities from investing in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Financially, there are cost savings to be had, which can be achieved in different ways. A BESS enables energy storage for use at a later time, such as when main grid peak periods occur, with their associated higher costs. By changing energy consumption patterns, reliance on the grid can be reduced.

Connecting to renewable energy sources is achievable in many different scenarios now, from individual homes to whole communities. Generating power from the sun and wind comes with reduced expense over time.

Renewable energy also provides the opportunity to sell back any excess energy to the main grid, providing a revenue source.

A BESS provides the solution to the uncontrollable nature of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar by creating capacity for energy storage, and distribution at times of demand.

DEUTZ Australia is currently developing our first-generation battery storage system. This versatile platform is offered in both low voltage and high voltage configurations, and it can be expanded to meet the diverse needs and applications of residential and commercial users.

BESS also provide backup support to the main grid by filling in at times of increased load demand, thereby improving efficiency and lowering costs. Battery energy storage systems can enhance overall performance and reliability, which in turn improves resilience and reduces the impact created by power outages.

Economic benefits to using a BESS can be seen in jobs creation, investment opportunities, and resilience and autonomy for remote and rural communities where microgrids operate. The systems require skilled people to manage and maintain them, with education and training another aspect generating economic benefits.

There are environmental benefits to using a BESS. The system enables the use of sustainable energy sources that would otherwise be unreliable due to their reliance on weather conditions. Whilst that part of the equation remains uncontrollable, the BESS provides the solution by storing the energy generated until it is required. As a company that strongly believe in environment protection and strike to reduce emissions, we hope that the implementation of DEUTZ’s BESS can contribute to decreased reliance on the fossil fuel powered grids.

Using renewable energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels and their related emissions. As the worldwide demand for clean, sustainable energy increases, the use of BESS is an important part of the equation.