DEUTZ expands its diesel portfolio with a powerful four-cylinder engine

DEUTZ is set to expand its diesel portfolio with the introduction of the TCD 5.2 at this year’s Bauma expo, adding a powerful four-cylinder engine to its diesel portfolio.

Bauma is the World’s leading construction machinery trade fair to be held on April 8 – 14.

The TCD 5.2 engine with its corresponding cubic capacity of 5.2 litres is a new derivative of the successful DEUTZ TCD 7.8 six-cylinder in-line engine, offering an additional option between the TCD 4.1 and 9.0 four-cylinder engines.

From 2019, DEUTZ will also be making further significant additions to its higher output range portfolio, with four new in-line engines of between 9 and 18 litres capacity.

The TCD 9.0 four-cylinder engine and the TCD 12.0 / 13.5 and 18.0 six-cylinder models deliver power output of between 300 and 620 kW and will be aimed in particular at heavy-duty off-highway applications.

The models in the TCD 9.0 to 13.5 product range are part of a family platform concept with a standardised customer interface and identical front and rear sides, which make it considerably easier to install and service the engines.