Driving DEUTZ for 38 years

Ron Tanner used to drive combine harvesters through the streets of Melbourne as a young DEUTZ Australia tractor assembler in the early 1970s.

The popular DEUTZ product was shipped from Germany to Port Melbourne, and Ron drove them to Moorabbin at about 15 kilometres per hour, taking several hours.

Wasantha Perera is one of DEUTZ Australia’s leading technical experts

Wasantha Perera has spent most of his working life immersed in technology – a world he finds both interesting and challenging. When he isn’t investigating potential new products and helping customers with their technical queries, he’ll often be found in the kitchen…

Josie brings her sales support experience to DEUTZ

Josie Beven has extensive experience in office management and business administration and has joined the team at DEUTZ Australia’s head office. When she isn’t supporting her colleagues and customers, Josie may be found all at sea…

A year to remember for David

Year number 40 with DEUTZ was significant in more ways than one for resident technical whiz David Howes. David celebrated 40 years with DEUTZ UK and DEUTZ Australia on 1 April 2020, just as Victoria entered its first coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

Ross’s hobby makes history

If Ross Harman’s colleagues don’t treat him like royalty, maybe they should. DEUTZ Australia’s unassuming BD Manager – Engines is related to two Kings of England. He also boasts blood ties to movie stars Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, and Johnny Depp.

Celebrating 35 years with DEUTZ Australia

Belinda Sum felt at home the day she joined DEUTZ Australia after arriving from Malaysia with her artist husband Anthony in 1985. Now in charge of accounts payable and payroll, Belinda has enjoyed her 35 years with DEUTZ and met many supportive colleagues and characters along the way.

Globetrotter Warren celebrates 18 years with DEUTZ

Having worked overseas for many years, it’s no surprise that DEUTZ Australia’s Warren Jansen loves to travel. A New Zealander, Warren worked in South Africa and back in New Zealand before moving to Melbourne, where he loves living and working. His work journey began in 1965 with International Harvester Co. in New Zealand. From 1968…
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Brendon Geyer
Brendon Geyer

Brendon’s iconic “man cave” sideline

Brendon Geyer spends his spare time with the likes of Peter Brock, Ned Kelly, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The DEUTZ Australia Diesel Mechanic builds custom designed “man cave” furniture, largely inspired by the images of famous icons. Brendon’s Boggy Creek Studios decorates the quality, bespoke handcrafted pieces with airbrushed artwork. Among its creations are…
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Leadership comes naturally for Ross

DEUTZ Australia’s Ross Harman has strong ties to four Australian places. Raised in Queensland, Ross lived in Adelaide before settling in Melbourne and is related to John Gale, the man widely regarded as “The Father of Canberra”. John, who was Ross’s great, great, great uncle, famously rode his horse up Kurrajong Hill in 1855 to…
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German precision comes naturally for Jens

German precision comes naturally for Jens Raschke, who was born in Germany and works for DEUTZ Australia in Melbourne. Jens is from a town called Altena, near Dortmund. Apart from immediate family, most of his relatives are still in Germany. “I haven’t been back for a while now, about seven years, but used to get…
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