Sung is always ready for a challenge

Sung Ho is a lifelong learner. As soon as he’s discovered all he can about a certain industry or product, he looks for ways to grow his knowledge and expertise further.

A year ago, Sung joined DEUTZ Australia, initially as a business analyst and product sales supervisor before transitioning into a more sales focused role. The past 12 months have been a steep learning curve as Sung has familiarised himself with a new industry and new products.

“It has been a challenge but that makes my work interesting every day. I’ve always enjoyed taking on new challenges in my working life because I never want to get stale or bored,” says Sung.

“One of my early fears when I began working was that I’d spend the next 30 or 40 years in the same company and in the same role. I’ve always sought out new challenges and new opportunities to learn.”

After leaving high school, Sung studied Mechanical Engineering at Monash University. He graduated in 1994 when job opportunities for engineers in Australia were limited, so he followed his older brother to Singapore.

“My older brother was working there and suggested I look for opportunities in Singapore. I joined a German company that manufactured industrial fans and lived in Singapore for a year before returning to Australia and working for the same company for another five years,” says Sung.

It was then time for another challenge so Sung completed a two-year graduate diploma course with a business focus and joined the automotive industry as a costing analyst. Before joining DEUTZ Australia, Sung also worked for businesses that imported air conditioning equipment.

A typical working day sees Sung fielding price inquiries from dealers for engine changes and new engines. He’s also responsible for updating price lists for engines and engine parts, so has a customer sales and business analyst role.

“I’ve had to learn about diesel engines and how this industry works so I’ve done a lot of homework! I’ve read a lot and DEUTZ has lots of online training tools and I’ve tapped into those. Plus there are always plenty of people around me who can share their knowledge and experience,” says Sung.

When he’s not at work, Sung is happy playing a few rounds at the golf course near his home. He’s a self-confessed golf tragic who plays Saturday and Sunday whenever he can!

“I have a regular group of four or five friends and we meet at midday and play a couple of rounds I’ve gone from being a weekend hacker to now trying to break 80 – it’s that challenge of improving again,” he says.

Sung would also like to see a few more places in the world with the US top of his list.

“Before COVID my wife, two daughters and I travelled to Hawaii but I’ve never been to mainland US. That holiday was great – it gave us a taste of the American way of life but I’m keen to see more of the country,” he says.

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