Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – What It Is and How It Works

BESS is the acronym for battery energy storage system.

What is a battery energy storage system?

A battery energy storage system (BESS) is an electrical energy storage system that uses batteries to store energy for later use. The most common type of battery employed is lithium-ion, however, lead-acid or flow batteries also have their applications. The type of battery employed will depend on what the BESS is required to achieve.

Generally, a BESS consists of a collection of inter-connected batteries. The number of batteries in the system is determined by load requirements, the size of the area available for storage and the location.

A BESS is one part of an energy distribution system, taking power in from energy generation sources such as solar via photovoltaic panels or from wind turbines, and distributing power to end users. The BESS enables excess energy to be stored for later use. Our innovative expandable battery storage systems scheduled to be released to market by Q4 2023 are available in both low voltage (9 kVA to 36 kVA) and high voltage (45 kVA to 90 kVA) platforms to cater for your needs.

Storing energy allows better management of electricity supply and demand by balancing the generated energy with distribution requirements. This load shifting helps to reduce demands on the main grid at peak times.

As well as batteries, the BESS contains other components such as a battery management system, a power conversion system and an energy management system, all managed by powerful computer systems using sophisticated programming. Temperature control is crucial to the system and must also be managed.

The system can be used as a separate energy supply solution, or it can be integrated with the main power grid where it can increase efficiencies in power supply. As an isolated power solution, it provides remote or isolated areas with an energy solution. DEUTZ Australia Technical Support Team and our authorised dealers can assist with setting up your first BESS.

Battery energy storage systems are becoming part of the solution for reliable, sustainable energy delivery into the future. They provide the capacity to store energy generated from renewable sources, increase efficiencies and flexibility in power delivery, and energy security.