What are the uses of BESS?

Battery energy storage systems have many diverse applications.


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) plays an essential part in the microgrid system. Microgrids may be integrated into the main grid with BESS providing support and ensuring reliability and efficiency. The system is commonly used for remote and rural communities where there is often unreliable connection with the main grid or no connection at all.

Electric Vehicle Charging:

EV charging can have an impact on the main grid by increasing power demand at peak times. Installing a BESS that is integrated with the charging infrastructure for the EV enables charging to be accomplished during off-peak times, which reduces strain on the grid, optimises energy usage and reduces costs.

Renewable Energy Integration:

When renewable energy generation exceeds demand, a BESS is able to store that excess energy and hold it until demand increases. BESS provides a balance between generation and distribution, which ensures greater efficiency and increased sustainability.

Backup Power:

BESS provide continued, uninterrupted energy delivery during times of power outages and disruptions. Places like hospitals, emergency services, telecommunications services, military operations, shopping centres and office buildings can use BESS to ensure energy is available at all times.

Residential and Commercial:

Residential and commercial properties can utilise solar energy to generate power for everyday operations, with excess energy stored in BESS for periods when solar generation is not possible (cloudy days / night). This provides financial benefits with savings and income possibilities, along with reduced reliance on the grid and independence during electricity outages.

Peak Shaving and Load Management:

When the grid is experiencing peak demand BESS can step in to supply stored energy, thus reducing demand on the main system. This is known as ‘peak shaving’, and it reduces strain on the main infrastructure. Providing support in this way enables better management of supply and demand levels, which in turn leads to savings for consumers and operators alike.

There are many applications for a BESS and each one will need to be specifically designed, taking into consideration the load requirements, available energy generation sources, any government regulations, cost and market conditions. They will continue to be a major part of future energy solutions as we head towards a more sustainable future.

The DEUTZ Australia team has successfully developed the inaugural DEUTZ Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This energy storage solution is versatile and suitable for various applications, including residential and commercial settings. It caters to a wide range of industries, from renewable energy providers and industrial electricity consumers to offshore drilling companies. We anticipate that our BESS will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2023.