How does a Genset work?

Standby Generator

Gensets are the perfect solution for those who need emergency backup power, or whose business, farm or residence is ‘off the grid’.

So, how does a Genset work?

In nutshell, our state-of-the-art generators use diesel or a combination of diesel and solar power to provide a reliable portable electricity source.

Each DEUTZ Genset is tailored to customer needs, location, and environment. This includes unique terrain in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Generators can be used as a backup for critical infrastructure or as a prime electricity source in remote locations, temporary construction sites and festivals.

What is a Genset?

A Genset, or generator set, combines an internal combustion engine and an electrical generator (alternator) mounted together to form a single piece of equipment.

The electromechanical machine produces an AC electrical current from the thermal energy of combustion through a double-cascade converter.

This involves thermal energy introduced by diesel fuel being converted to mechanical energy as the engine rotates, and the mechanical energy becoming electric energy.

Genset operating modes include:

  • Island mode, where the Genset is the sole source of energy for the user system. Examples include self-powered and worksite equipment.
  • Backup power when the existing network fails or is not operating. Gensets can activate automatically to ensure hospitals, computers and industry keep operating.  
  • Parallel mode, where multiple units work together to ensure power continuity if one fails, the required load is too big for one Genset, or more power is needed at peak times.

How much power do Gensets have?

The electric power rating of a Genset is like physical labour in terms of how much work can be completed in a determined amount of time.

A Genset’s electrical power is the net power available at the power outlet terminal board, minus the power absorbed by auxiliary systems essential for its operation (e.g. cooling fan).

This involves two types of electric power. Apparent power is the theoretical power absorbed by generator terminals. It is measured in VoltAmpere (VA) and symbolised by a capital ‘S’.

Active power physically transforms into work. It is measured in Watts [W] and symbolised by the capital letter ‘P’.

Genset power ratings include:

COP: Continuous Operation Power. The maximum power a Genset can supply during continuous service in ideal conditions.

PRP: Prime Power. The power a Genset can supply during continuous service over an unlimited number of hours with a variable load in ideal conditions.

LTP: Limited-Time Power. The maximum power a DEUTZ Genset can supply for an operating period, limited to 500 h/year in intermittent mode, or 300 h/year in continuous mode, in ideal conditions.

DCP: Data Centre Power. Defines the maximum power that can be supplied at a continuous or variable load for an unlimited number of hours per year.

Genset canopies – covering all bases

DEUTZ Gensets are either Open Frame or Sound-Proof. The Sound-Proof System uses the latest technology and materials to meet and exceed industry requirements.

The canopy is made from galvanised sheet metal with a powder-coated finish for durability and to withstand the elements.

Gensets can be customised with a range of high-tech control panels with features such as a cloud-based monitoring system that can be upgraded if needed.

This enables users to access the unit’s status and location from a PC, tablet, or phone.

The DEUTZ Power System Standard Package includes:

  • heavy duty base frame
  • bunded base fuel tank
  • automatic mains fail/remote start control panel
  • visual display of engine and alternator parameters
  • engine monitoring and shutdown system
  • battery charger (AC supply)
  • engine heater (AC supply)
  • engine oil extraction pump
  • operation manual

Options include:

  • extended range fuel tanks
  • 600-litre
  • 800-litre
  • paralleling/synchronising control panel
  • power outlet distribution board.

Why DEUTZ Gensets?

All DEUTZ Genset models feature our trademark quality, performance, reliability, durability, and fuel economy. They are tailored to each customer’s needs.

DEUTZ Gensets are more fuel-efficient than others, have stronger, more robust packages and use local parts and service support.

A full manufacturer’s guarantee is included with all our new models.

Our Technical Support Team uses local parts, service, and maintenance plans, offering post-purchase peace of mind.

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