How to save money when using your generator

What is genset?

DEUTZ generators have all your power needs covered. Even better, you can minimise running costs with our simple cost-saving hacks.

So how can you save money when using your generator?

The key is to choose the right unit for your needs, then run and maintain it well.

Before buying, do your research. All DEUTZ generators are high-performing, reliable and economical, but finding the best model for your needs will minimise operating costs.  

Factors to consider include whether it’s for domestic or industrial use and which type best matches your load profile, purpose, environment, and system expansion requirements.

You’ll also need to decide between a diesel generator or hybrid version that combines diesel and solar power.

Questions to ask:

  • What is my budget?
  • How much power do I need?
  • What is the weather like in its location?
  • Should I invest in a hybrid Genset if the location is hot and sunny?
  • Could a hybrid Genset save installation and running costs?
  • Would a diesel Genset better suit my needs?

Location, location, location

Once you’ve purchased your generator, it’s critical to follow manual instructions when choosing its location. Consider the temperature, altitude, and humidity.

A well-built base must have enough ventilation and never be submerged in water. To reduce power loss, place it as close to the loads as possible, with the shortest possible connecting cables.

Energy-saving appliances such as LED lights will also help.

Save money with your generator by keeping costs down

Running costs vary depending upon use frequency and your Genset’s purpose. Data centres or hospitals want quality and reliability, while retailers may prefer a less expensive option.

Operating at the recommended load increases your Genset’s efficiency compared to a unit used at a lower load.  

To minimise ongoing costs:

  • run the Genset loaded at about 70 per cent of the maximum recommended rating
  • minimise low loading
  • use recommended good quality fuel
  • connect loads with a higher power factor
  • use recommended starting methods for motors
  • start heavy loads in steps.

Generator maintenance tips

DEUTZ engines are renowned globally for fuel-efficiency. Correct maintenance will prolong your generator’s operating life and reduce running costs.  

Always use the recommended quality fuel and follow the suggested service schedule.

Working with DEUTZ-approved dealers and original DEUTZ parts for Genset servicing will ensure it warranty cover. Using qualified generator technicians will also extend your unit’s life.

Avoid these mistakes

Running and maintenance costs may increase if you:

  • choose a generator too powerful for your needs
  • run on low load, which increases cost/kwh
  • have low power factor loads
  • don’t follow proper generator start/stop steps
  • install Gensets too far from loads and connect with undersized cables.   

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