What is a 3-phase generator?

3-phase generators are renowned for their reliability, versatility and they are an ideal choice for situations that demand a greater delivery of power. 

So, they are often the go-to generator when a large drill or blasting tool needs to be powered at a mining site, and they will often be the generator keeping a major shopping centre or office block cool on a hot day. They are also found in healthcare settings, the oil and gas industry and on major construction sites across the country.

When 24-hour reliability is also called for – perhaps for a business or organisation that can’t afford any downtime like a hospital or manufacturing plant – a 3-phase generator is also a sensible choice.

How is a three-phase generator constructed?

Whereas a single-phase generator uses a single conductor wire to carry electrical current with a neutral wire to return it, a 3-phase generator has three conductor wires along with a neutral. Each of the three conductors delivers power in a certain phase sequence, which helps increase durability and reliability.

3 phase generators are mainly powered by diesel and are designed for profitability. But there’s not a one-size-fits-all 3-phase generator – the ideal one needs to be selected based on the requirements of the load profile of the site. 3-phase generators can also be built on a grander scale and be driven by a diesel engine. 

What is the difference between a three-phase generator and a single-phase generator?

The differences between these two types of generators aren’t only in how they are constructed. How and where they are used also varies. 

Single-phase generators are generally used for up to certain amounts of power requirements. They are often smaller and so can be more popular for recreational or home-based settings.They’re a popular choice for people who love the outdoors and routinely need to power up a campsite.

3-phase power generators are built for places and situations with higher and more demanding power needs based on the load profile with 3-phase power equipment. Heavy industries like mining, manufacturing and agriculture are often powered by 3-phase power generator technology. These generators keep large and power-heavy operations running smoothly.

Large commercial environments with high power requirements, like shopping centres and office buildings, are also reliant on the steady and significant output of 3-phase generators.

If you’re not sure which 3-phase generator is ideal for your business needs, DEUTZ experts recommend speaking to your nearest dealer or OEM to identify which type of generator will deliver the power you need, when you need it.