DEUTZ Connect App – Diagnose engine issues at the touch of a button

Is your engine running smoothly? Is the feed pressure optimal? Do you need to top up with coolant?

The DEUTZ Connect App is an app-based solution for mobile engine diagnostics.

The app will gives you access to important engine performance parameters directly on your smartphone. It’s simple, quick and wireless.

Features include:


  • An analysis dashboard with live engine data
  • Ability to carry out performance measurements and record measurements sequences
  • Send your Dealer your error log with one click


  • Fast pairing of DEUTZ engines via Bluetooth
  • Management of engines and setting of individual maintenance windows
  • Individual assignment of names


  • Search directly for local service contacts with a map display
  • Quickly connect with the dealer by email or phone
  • Send engine report with measurement data conveniently via email

How it works?

Watch the 50-second video on how to connect your engine to the App

Where do I access it?

Download the free DEUTZ Connect App in the Google Play Store

The App will soon be available for iPhone / iOS.

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