Performance without the hefty price tag

Diesel engines are also a vital piece of the puzzle in pumping stations and on farms – it’s estimated that about 75 per cent of all farm equipment is powered by a diesel engine.

Reliability is paramount in any of these situations, which is why the DEUTZ TD 2.9 L4 is a popular choice for many businesses.

A key attraction of the water-cooled 4-cylinder inline diesel engine is that it boasts excellent performance but at low operating costs, says Craig Chamberlin, Managing Director, DEUTZ Australia.

“It’s highly efficient combustion process and cooled external exhaust gas recirculation contribute to excellent engine performance, low fuel consumption and low emissions,” says Craig.

Another plus for the DEUTZ TD 2.9 L4 is the potential for oil change intervals to extend to up to 1000 hours. The diesel engine also features a maintenance-free valve train so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and the amount of engine downtime is also drastically reduced. That means it can work harder for longer, increasing productivity.

“The compact design of the engine and a range of user-friendly accessories also make this particular engine cost-effective to install and suitable for a wide range of applications,” says Craig.

Depending on each customer’s requirements and the specific demands of a project, a range of high quality and cost-effective Hayes accessories can be added to the DEUTZ TD 2.9 L4 engine. DEUTZ Australia has been a distributor for US-based Hayes Manufacturing since 2017.

Popular accessories to pair with the TD 2.9 L4 include bearing supported stub shafts that allow you to side-load the flywheel of the engine while at the same time preventing any load back to the crankshaft. Hydraulic pump drives, pump mount plates and flywheel couplings are also available.

Similar to our classic variable speed engine models, DEUTZ Australia offers the TD 2.9 L4 as a base engine and as a DEUTZ factory-built Power Pack unit that simplifies the installation process. All DEUTZ Drive Power Packs are designed, fully tested and validated to deliver a robust and integrated power source and come with a factory-supplied warranty.

All things considered, there is no doubt that this engine will stand the test of time and will remain one of DEUTZ Australia’s best-selling products.