Why genuine parts matter

Our engines don’t compromise on quality so it’s important not to compromise on parts.

Once you’ve invested in a DEUTZ engine, you can ensure it provides great service, and longer wear by using genuine DEUTZ parts.

It makes perfect sense that to keep a quality engine running optimally, you need to use the best parts. And we’re here to help.

DEUTZ Australia’s After Sales (Service & Spare Parts) experts can help in sourcing what our dealers, OEM’s and their customers need. The benefits are many and include:

Precise fit

Nothing fits better than an original DEUTZ engine part. They are specifically designed to work with a certain engine type, ensuring optimal operation. Non-genuine parts don’t offer this peace of mind.


Genuine parts are designed to work with the original engine and to the same standards. This makes them as safe as possible.


Quality is not compromised with original parts, as they have the same specifications as the original. The are literally made for this purpose.


Original parts are the best possible option, making them more likely to avoid mechanical or warranty issues. Warranties are more likely to cover genuine parts.


Performance is optimal with original parts, which can streamline maintenance, promote a longer service life and hopefully reduce engine down time.


It might cost a bit more to use genuine parts, but the benefits are worth it, and you may save money in the long run through optimal and sustained performance.

Here’s how to identify DEUTZ Genuine Parts:

Our network of more than 70 service outlets across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands stands ready to source the right parts for DEUTZ engines and Gensets.

DEUTZ experts know their stuff and will find the most cost-effective solution for each situation, while ensuring that quality is never compromised.

This might include new and reconditioned engines and/or parts to suit our region’s unique environment. We can also deal with after-hours emergencies.

New life for old parts

If you’d like to save money and help the environment when upgrading your engine. DEUTZ Xchange offers a cost-effective and ‘green’ diesel parts alternative.

Our professionally refurbished components are remanufactured by DEUTZ AG, with all wearing parts replaced by genuine new DEUTZ parts.

Customers can save up to 40 per cent using DEUTZ Xchange parts compared to new prices, with the same warranty.

It’s no wonder our dealers are preparing a range of value-for-money packages for customers that meet all their needs.

To find out more about DEUTZ spare parts or DEUTZ Xchange, please contact us or download our latest information flyer.