Classic engine continues to perform

A Fox-40D tractor powered by a DEUTZ TCD2013L064V (courtesy of Panus Assembly’s Senior Technical/Service Manager Steve Barilla)

Classic design and performance never go out of style. This is certainly the case with our reliable and efficient TCD 2013 engines.

Among our most popular engines, the DEUTZ TCD 2013 range includes liquid-cooled four or six-cylinder inline engines with turbocharging and charge air cooling.

They were initially introduced in 2006 to complement the 1013 and 1015 family of engines and have a power output of up to 190kw for continuous operation.

Since then, the TCD 2013 range has stood the test of time and remains one of our best-selling products.

TCD 2013 is the first Tier 3 emission engine included in the DEUTZ Drive range – designed locally by DEUTZ Australia for unique market requirements here and in New Zealand.

The low-noise range is suitable for various applications including industrial, agricultural, and power generation in a range of environmental conditions.

DEUTZ offers it as a powerpack unit ready to bolt down and push the button.

TCD 2013 engines have many benefits. These include:

  • outstanding efficiency, including very favourable fuel consumption, simple and cost-effective installation, and long maintenance intervals
  • low noise emissions and lower costs for sound deadening
  • compact engine layout, with variable design of the front end for maximum flexibility
  • smooth running and exceptional power output that ensure optimum operating comfort.

The 2013 meets exhaust emission regulations 2004/26/EU, Step III A and US-EPA Tier 3 for mobile machinery.

All things considered, this classic range ticks all the boxes for a great engine experience.