DEUTZ chips in with new engines

DEUTZ engines are powering a new range of high-quality commercial grade chippers produced by New Zealand’s Hansa Products.

Hansa is known for constantly looking for new ways to make chipping faster, better, and safer. In developing its latest range, it decided to use state-of-the-art DEUTZ engines.

This C65 features in Hansa’s new commercial chipper range

Manfred Vogel established Hansa in 1981. Initially operating from an old honey shed, it designs and manufactures premium chipping and shredding equipment at a purpose-built facility in Hamilton.

Manfred’s son, Martin, took over in 2014 when Manfred retired. Both have engineering backgrounds and a passion for innovation.

The new commercial chipper range, which features design, software, and hardware improvements, are well suited to commercial tree work, including arboriculture and horticultural applications and large landscaping contracts.

They supersede the popular C40, C60 and C60RX and include the C45 trailered chipper (178mm, 7”, 45HP), C65 trailered chipper (254mm, 10”, 64HP) and C65rx tracked chipper (254mm, 10”, 64HP).

Designed for safety, their streamlined angles look good and improve safety. Kerb-side mounted controls ensure operators are not exposed to traffic.

The powerful C65RX is quick and effective when tackling heavy duty tree work

The chippers are powered by the DEUTZ three andfour-cylinder diesel air-oil cooled F3L2011 or F4L2011 engines, which offer unbeatable power without excessive bulk or weight.

Hansa Engineering Manager Mitchell Sansonspent 18 months working with DEUTZ Australia BD Manager – Engines Ross Harman to fit the new engines to the range.

“It is great working with Ross,” Mitchell says. “He’s responsive, knowledgeable and accommodating. We’ve been impressed with the DEUTZ service and product – quality all round.”

Mitchell says DEUTZ engines had a good reputation, were cost effective, had a simpler engine design and required less maintenance.

“Many of our customers approved and supported the change, having had good experiences themselves with DEUTZ power equipment,” he says. “Being non-turbo and air-oil cooled, they have a simple design with low maintenance, long service intervals and heavy-duty design.”

Hansa continued to grow in 2020 despite the pandemic. It now has around 40 staff at its New Zealand headquarters, and smaller local teams in Australia and Europe.

Ross says it has been enjoyable and a positive challenge working with the Hansa team.

“They are professional and thorough and I’m confident the DEUTZ engines and the Hansa chipper range are well married together going forward for a long relationship,” he says.

“From a previous industry position, I recall working with Manfred and Martin. It’s exciting to see the levels of growth Martin has raised Hansa Products to as a company and with its current product range.”

*The new chippers are available in Australia and New Zealand. See: