Warwick is pumped about working with DEUTZ

Warwick Lorenz’s home-grown pump business leads the way due to a simple philosophy inspired by the popular cartoon character Dilbert:

Why don’t we just ask customers what they want, and give it to them?”

Warwick started Australian Pump Industries, trading as Aussie Pumps, from scratch 27 years ago. Based in Castle Hill, Sydney, he exports pump products globally and plays a dominant role in Australia’s mining and construction markets.

DEUTZ air-cooled four-cylinder diesel engines with electric start and produce a whopping 6,000lpm to handle spherical solids up to three inches. They’re used by water authorities and for mines, quarries, construction work, and sewer bypass. 

The focus has always been on customers and product improvement. Little things, such as efficient operation and saving users time, mean a lot.

“Our inspiration is the user,” Warwick explains. “The unusual and unique focus of our company is the preoccupation with users.”

Aussie Pumps now has about 55 staff and 800 outlets nationally specialising in everything from agriculture to mining services.

“We’re an overgrown mum and pop shop!” Warwick says proudly. “Our competitors are great companies, but frankly, they lack the dexterity of a small entrepreneurial startup like Aussie Pumps. 

“We design outside the box. The big boys, multinationals particularly, have real trouble keeping up with us.”

Before starting his business, Warwick worked with DEUTZ for three years as the Australian distributor. 

“We learnt so much about the product and the applications then for both mobile plant and stationary applications,” he says. “We sold a full range and also supported key OEM customers like Atlas Copco and BOMAG.”

When Warwick took over the franchise, DEUTZ was selling about 17 engines a year. After three years of aggressive marketing, that became more than 2000.

Aussie Pumps Lead Fitter Michael Moran built five of these units and said the DEUTZ engines and the pump kits went together like the horse and cart.

Aussie Pumps now uses DEUTZ engines because, Warwick says, “they are the kings of air-cooled diesels.”

“We like DEUTZ because they are air cooled. To us it’s a no brainer.  Who wants to drive a pump or generator in a remote location with a water-cooled engine?” he adds.

Warwick is always looking to improve his products while ensuring they are suitable for Australia’s unique environment. DEUTZ engines certainly fit the bill.

“What sets them apart from the competition is their reliability,” Warwick says. “A six-inch trash pump can’t afford to have an engine breakdown when there’s a flood or catastrophe happening, or when a mine is filling with water.”

Warwick enjoys working with DEUTZ Australia BD Manager – Engines Ross Harman, whom he has known for many years and calls “Mr Reliable”.

While pumps play a big role in Warwick’s life, he certainly is a man of many talents.

On weekends you might find him riding horses, studying English literature, or tending his small herd of Limousin beef cattle.