Performance without the hefty price tag

From the long-haul trucks that transport essential products across Australia to boom lifts that perform key functions on construction sites, farms and utility facilities, a reliable diesel engine often lies at the heart of these pieces of machinery.

Why genuine parts matter

DEUTZ engines don’t compromise on quality so it’s important not to compromise on parts. Once you’ve invested in a DEUTZ engine, you can ensure it provides great service, and longer wear by using genuine DEUTZ parts.

Farm equipment back on track

Legendary inventor Laurie Phillips has teamed with DEUTZ to produce an affordable Australian-made tractor. In 1975-76 Western Australian-based Laurie was responsible for developing Acremaster Tractors, which had a reputation for simplicity and reliability.

Rare DEUTZ truck found

A rare 1950s prototype DEUTZ cabover truck has found a new home after carting hay for years. Its new owner has visions of transforming the unique vehicle into a period-style car carrier that will certainly make an eyecatching entrance at car shows and conventions.

Is Kelvin Australia’s biggest DEUTZ fan?

We’re pretty sure farmer Kelvin Stringer takes the title with 21 DEUTZ tractors, 20 engines, six trucks, and three DEUTZ headers or harvesters he can use on his farm.

Classic engine continues to perform

Classic design and performance never go out of style. This is certainly the case with our reliable and efficient TCD 2013 engines.

Among our most popular engines, the DEUTZ TCD 2013 range includes liquid-cooled four or six-cylinder inline engines with turbocharging and charge air cooling.

DEUTZ creates and preserves history

DEUTZ’s skill in developing the world’s best engines has a long and proud history.

Our founders created the first functional combustion engine produced in large quantities back in the 1860s. And it still works!

Fond memories of DEUTZ Australia

Roger Wenzel pioneered working remotely decades before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roger, 72, worked for DEUTZ Australia out of Brisbane from 1983 until he retired in 2015, rising from area manager to National Sales Manager. Read more here.

More old DEUTZ engines found

Our campaign to find the oldest DEUTZ engine in Australia and New Zealand has unearthed several old beauties dating back to 1926. In our last edition, we brought you the story of a special DEUTZ engine and our quest to see whether it is the oldest in the region. We’ve now found several more.

Going with the flow is good for business

Nothing beats the peace of mind in reducing risk, which pump specialist Alex Pedemont achieved for a client with a hay pressing plant who needed to be prepared for fire.

Alex, who took over NSI Pumps in Numurkah in 2021, came up with the perfect solution – combining an end suction ISO pump with an air cooled, six-cylinder F6L914 DEUTZ engine.

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